A weekly songwriting blog for which I write, record, and post one new song every week. This project aims to reveal the creative process by turning art-making into a public practice. Good work happens by engaging new ideas. Writing a bad song is a mile on the road to writing a good song. Many songwriters rarely write; ever waiting for some spectacular muse. Waiting for the muse is the curse that begets stagnation. Since November of 2010, Mount Everest has released a new song every Monday.

An audio-ethnography exploring public soundmaking and institutional authority in the co-authorship of soundscapes in New York’s MTA Subway System. For the better part of a year I rode the MTA with a digital audio recorder in order to capture its dynamic and ever changing soundscapes. These recordings became the foundation of a master’s thesis that applies critical pressure to soundscapes in order to engage questions of power dynamics, issues of control, creative agency, and cultural/institutional phobias and affordances. Winner of the Distinguished Thesis Award at NYU Steinhardt’s Department of Media, Culture, and Communication.

A portfolio of visual art, illustration, and design created for a variety of clients, ranging from artists and musicians, to small businesses.
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